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Brevisi Miscellaneous Offerings

A Mishmash of Miscellany. An Aggregation of Antiques. A Patchwork of Paraphernalia. A Compilation of Collectibles. An Accumulation of Absurdities …

Brevisi might be new ’round these parts, but we aim to provide that timelessly 5-star customer service and shopping experience. Every item here has a rich history behind it, and we will try to honor their pasts by expounding their colorful stories – we hope you’ve seen some of that from the listings.

If there is anything you need, just lets us know; we’ll work it out. Brevisi hopes to be around for some time, and we couldn’t do that without exceptional service to you. Help us help you by contacting us whenever you need, whether before you purchase or in 2019. Likewise, no question is ridiculous – ask away and we’ll try our best to reply appropriately and in a timely manner.
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