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Shishek was started in August, 2013, with the goal of providing free travel tools to help those wishing to travel do so with more ease and understanding. Starting with some simple phrasebooks for English-speaking travelers to foreign countries, we hope to provide many more tools in the near future. When you visit a foreign destination and understand even just a tiny bit more about the people, language education, culture, and traditions, everybody wins. Bookmark our page and check back often!

Shishek – Travel Tools to Discover the World Around You

What does Shishek mean?

Well, my name is Christian, and the first time I ever went to Poland, I introduced myself to some random girl at a house party while drunk. She said, “Oh, Krzysiek!” which is pronounced phonetically like the way I spelled this website. Krzysiek is actually the diminutive, cutesy nickname of the name Krzysztof, which is the Polish version of the name Christopher, not Christian; however, being called that name had an immediate, profound effect on me, and I knew then that I wanted to learn Polish next – all because I liked the sound of Krzysiek. So, this dot com name was available, and since my idea for this site revolves primarily around language learning and phrasebooks, I decided to book it 🙂

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